Smith+Family | Austin, Texas Family Photographer

I met Ashley ironically enough in Middle school in good old Southeast Georgia. It’s funny how life works though. I haven’t seen Ashey since I was in high school over 13 years ago. I got married, moved away & she got married and moved away and somehow, someway she wound up in Texas a hour or so away from me. Her and her family traveled to Austin, Texas to have me photograph them and I am SO glad they did. Enjoy this cute fam. and these adorably cute children!

Goetz+Family – Austin, Texas | Family Photographer

I first met the Goetz family while working my long lost hospital job. We were talking pictures and they needed a newborn photographer and alas, I was gifted to them. He he, just kidding. Anyways, it’s already been a year since I photographed their sweet Carter as a newborn, and here we are doing their family photos. They are the sweetest family ever & Carter was all serious faces, which apparently is totally his character.

To all you mom’s

Mothers. Son of a mother. You are so incredible. You are so powerful. YOU ARE SO NEEDED. I don’t think one day is enough to show moms how much they mean to you. Honestly, I don’t even think if you showed her, for the rest of your days how worthy she is, it would ever be enough.

I have been so incredibly blessed to know some of the most amazing mothers. To have captured their journeys leading up to becoming a mother & even though there are some really hard stories I’ve been around to photograph, the love I’ve witnessed has been enough to push me through them. The idea that I get to deliver these images, they can cherish for the rest of their lives. I seriously get chills.

This post is to all you mothers, while I am not going to share ALL of them, I am going to highlight a few of the most recent moms I’ve had the absolute pleasure to photograph. I hope you know how special you are today, mamas.

Olivia + Rocco | Austin, Texas Family Photographer

Hey hey hey!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Olivia, who is a fellow “solo-mom” boss babe. Olivia Is a successful real estate agent in the greater South Austin & Dripping Springs area. Seriously, if you need a realtor in those areas, she is literally a dream boat to work with. Any who, she reached out to me to photograph her and her most prized tiny-human & I obliged. Enjoy these insanely gorgeous duo.

Kneeland + Family – Austin, Texas | Family Photographer

I know the title says “Austin, Texas” because thats where I currently live & I still have a fan base in North Carolina, so I don’t want anyone thinking I permanently live there. In January I traveled to Georgia and added a VERY quick trip to Jacksonville, North Carolina to visit this amazing family. While there, I photographed them of course. The last time I photographed Crystal & her family, it was only a family of three about a year or more prior to conceiving Noah. These four are just a pure joy to be around.  I’m so thankful for the friendship we have and am so thankful that despite being a photographer herself, she held out for me to photograph them<3


Malachi’s Birth – Austin, Texas Birth Photographer

When Brooke and I first communicated the potential for me to photograph her birth, she asked “can I see a sample of a birth you’ve photographed?” Guys, I had to go upload a gallery because all of the births that I’ve photographed in the last 3 years have been pretty “private”.. Except for one, and that was family & lets face it… I am TERRIBLE about editing personal photos outside of maybe 5 images? .. She told me how sad it made her that it was a common thing she had been hearing from photographers. After talking with her, she decided to move forward with booking me and I meet all of my birth clients for a in-person consultation, so we set it up & met for coffee. We laughed, we chatted, we went over her fears of hiring and investing in a birth photographer. She told me that they didn’t know the gender & that it would be a surprise. So glad you trusted me with your birth, Brooke. Enough chatting, I’ll start sharing these images with you guys. B-5B-7B-8B-10B-14B-18B-23B-26B-28B-32B-33B-37B-38B-40B-43B-45B-47B-51B-54B-56B-63B-70B-73B-77

White+Wedding |Austin, Wedding Photographer

Gasp, She shot a wedding?! I thought she only shot babies & families. You’re right… Most of what you see is anything evolved around babies. Families, newborn, birth.. Anything babies right? However, if you’ve been around long enough my first love was love… Yeah, thats corny, I get it. It’s totally the truth though. When I first started this gig I was based in Jacksonville, NC & the majority of what I photographed was in fact, couples. When I got pregnant with my son, the shift from couples, children, family went to newborn photography. I freakin’ love babies in case you haven’t figured that out yet, but I do miss couple photography something fierce. So I vowed (pun intended) to shoot more couples, hopefully more weddings, and to fill that cup of my love for love up & pour it out for the world to see. Oh gosh, I sound like a cheesy love song now. Lets just stop right here and show you some dang pictures shall we?



This wedding was the most perfect backyard wedding.. Yeah, you heard that right. BACKYARD WEDDING with FIREWORKS, can you even?! So thankful that I got to throw another wedding under my belt with these two lovebirds. Brandy, thank you for trusting me to photograph your special day ❤