Malachi’s Birth – Austin, Texas Birth Photographer

When Brooke and I first communicated the potential for me to photograph her birth, she asked “can I see a sample of a birth you’ve photographed?” Guys, I had to go upload a gallery because all of the births that I’ve photographed in the last 3 years have been pretty “private”.. Except for one, and that was family & lets face it… I am TERRIBLE about editing personal photos outside of maybe 5 images? .. She told me how sad it made her that it was a common thing she had been hearing from photographers. After talking with her, she decided to move forward with booking me and I meet all of my birth clients for a in-person consultation, so we set it up & met for coffee. We laughed, we chatted, we went over her fears of hiring and investing in a birth photographer. She told me that they didn’t know the gender & that it would be a surprise. So glad you trusted me with your birth, Brooke. Enough chatting, I’ll start sharing these images with you guys. B-5B-7B-8B-10B-14B-18B-23B-26B-28B-32B-33B-37B-38B-40B-43B-45B-47B-51B-54B-56B-63B-70B-73B-77

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