Why I value photography.

I know it seems a little biased to say that I value photography, since I am a photographer. I don’t just value it, because it’s a source of income for myself and my son. I don’t just value it because it puts dinner on the table, or money in the account for bills. Though, those things I obviously do value. I value photography purely based on those memories you’ll never get back. I think we all know how fast time goes by. When you become a parent those days go faster. One minute you’re pregnant, the next you’re celebrating your babies first birthday. You just don’t fathom how fast it goes until you blink and realize how grown up you babies are, how one point in life YOU were a teenager so oblivious to society. There are pictures in my personal life that I wish I would have gotten, ones that I regret not getting but more photos that I cherish so so much. I have gotten pictures done at least one time a year with my family and now just my son and I. Becoming a solo-mom, I realize that those photos will be harder to achieve since income significantly reduced and I have been so fortunate to connect with other photographers since becoming a solo-mom, one income household. I value those photos even more so, because our lives are so incredibly busy and chaotic.

One of the biggest moments of why I value photography so much is when a dear friend struggled with infertility for years, finally got pregnant with her miracle baby, lost that baby and a year later found herself pregnant with her rainbow baby. I photographed that beautiful baby girl coming into this world, then followed it with a newborn session and photographed her throughout her first year, which unfortunately came to a tragic end when I photographed her funeral. As I sat in the room, listening to everyone mourn the loss of this beautiful girl as a slide show of all of the images I took played I realized… I DID THAT. I gave this family images they can hold onto for a lifetime, I gave them memories that may get fogged from all the pain and suffering, or just life in general.. I gave them reminders of how beautiful and perfect their daughter was. I will forever be thankful that God picked me, to shine my light as a photographer onto others and to provide them with beautiful, heartfelt images of their greatest joys in life. I want you to sit down and really think about what you value out of life and then make a list on how you are captivating those for later years. How are you cherishing those memories? When you’re gone, what legacy will you leave behind and will you have photographic proof of your existence? If the unthinkable happens, what will you have to remind yourself of the beauty in all the darkness? Will you have quality images that will sustain societies evolving technology? Do you just take pictures with your phone? What if that phone is gone one day? Or the computer you save them too? I encourage you to seek out a professional photographer once a year (not just because I am a photographer, but because I am a mom) and get professional pictures once a year. I know we can be expensive and that’s because we value ourselves and you enough to provide you with quality and professional images. Budget for it guys, once a year broken down to 12 months. It IS possible, you CAN afford a high-end, professional and quality photographer.


God Bless You,

Laura Thornhill, mom first photographer second ❤

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