Hello, hello, hello, 

Happy New Year. Every year, I try and make a effort to blogging more being more transparent with you guys, and every year I feel like I fail miserably. You see, I have good intentions but 90% of the time I am so consumed by everyday life and being a single mother working two part time jobs, plus running this photography business (which I often feel like I am failing at) I will admit though, 2016 was a huge step in the right direction for my business. When I moved to Austin my intentions were to grow my business, build a clientele and let it be my main source of income in my new “single” lifestyle. Unfortunately I got so overwhelmed with a full time job that wasn’t worth my time, and I couldn’t even focus on my business because by the end of the day, I was exhausted. So in 2016, I went to a part time position and I was able to breath again, and now that I work two part time positions (one being a job that forces me to be at my computer 3 days a week, I have finally been able to focus on posting a little bit more on my business page, blog a little more and I’ve been booking more sessions) I am not as busy as I would like to be, and my work is always evolving, so here I am. Ready to TRY and be a little more transparent with you, share more of the incredible images I produce (outside of booked sessions) and just speak. 

What would you like to read about? Comment below with your suggestions. 


New Year’s “Goals” 

  1. Travel for sessions more
  2. be more transparent
  3. blog more
  4. shoot for “me” more
  5. put together styled sessions (both children and couples)
  6. start a photography project and complete it be 2017
  7. take a workshop

Here are a few personal images I’ve taken this year so far.


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