Holiday Recap!

Hello everyone!

Who was with me dreading the morning chaos that ensues on end of vacation, Monday wake up call, scrambling for the door day’s?  I swear, it was crazy before I was a single mom & here I am, full-time working, single mom, child in school. I’m full speed ahead guys, F-U-L-L S-P-E-E-D.

Back to the real stuff. Holiday break was fun. Not that I was able to spend everyday of my kiddos vacation with him, what time I did get to spend was phenomenal. Gosh I love that little guy! I stopped to photograph him in some of our Holiday Chaos. Christmas morning was much different for us this year since it was our first official year just the two of us, with the exception of my mom (his grandma) being here. We had a blast though, and somehow my little made out like a bandit.

Enjoy our memories.

A Happy New Year, from mine to yours ❤

Warm Wishes, Laura Thornhill

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