Hello 2016! Austin, Texas Photographer

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

It’s been a crazy year (2015 that is). As many of you don’t know I went through a divorce and became a full-time working, single mama. So thats why the lack of posting took place. It’s been a crazy year of terrible balancing, sessions, working full-time & just life in general. The divorce is what brought me to Austin with my little. We needed a fresh start and I fell in love with Austin (as most people who visit here do)

I had full intentions on kick starting my business in a new place and building clientele and just in general bringing my business to the next level. I didn’t have the motivation to do so after working a full day and coming home and running full speed with my very active 4 1/2 year old but I am making leaps and bounds to make sure that 2016 is my year for growth. Last year I attended Click Away in San Antonio and it was absolutely awesome and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet other photographers and network with them. I also was able to get myself in a awesome photography group based here in Austin. So I am hopeful that 2016 will be awesome!

So bare with my guys. I know my post reach is terrible on Facebook land and I may fail several times to post, but know that I am here trudging along and hopeful that we will rock it with some awesome photos for your viewing pleasure.

Cheer’s my friends, fans and fellow photographers. Rock 2016’s socks off. Was that totally corny? I don’t care.



here’s a very little recap of 2015!

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