Click Away 2015 + San Antonio Texas

Hello world.

Last week I had the absolute privilege to attend Click Away in San Antonio, Texas.

I learned from some of the most talented, honest photographers. Ones who poured their hearts out and spoke truth. I was feeling bogged down and out of my element. My vision wasn’t transferring through to my images. What I feel like defines my photography, just wasn’t showing. I needed to be refreshed.  I needed some inspiration, not for photos, but for my heart. I needed something to feed my soul, so I could feed my creativity.

The conference started with a opening talk from Karen Walrond.

She spoke her story, and how she evolved into this phenomenal photographer and icon. She inspired us to start personal projects and to shoot more. To try something new, that isn’t necessarily what we shoot, but simply to expand our minds and learn new things. Then, the classes started. It was all a whirlwind, and when I tell you we were busy, we were. I literally felt like a new kid in school, on the first day of school finding my classes. I even had a bag and notebook in tow, bringing me back to high school days of wandering the halls at a abnormal walking speed, so I won’t be late.. And of course, so I get the best seat in the house.

Some of my favorite speakers/teachers.

Michelle Gardella is hands down one of the top 3. She spoke with such passion. Her images evoke so much emotion and honestly, they are raw… Just as she is. She let no one hold her back from speaking from her heart. It’s funny because she admitted to having severe anxiety when it comes to speaking, and you couldn’t tell one bit. I felt like it came so naturally. Maybe just speaking so honestly came so natural because she threw away the idea of being what everyone else thought she should be, and just stayed true to herself and the fact that she woke up with a 103.0 fever that morning probably had something to do with the “I don’t care what you think” mentality.. Or maybe that’s just her and Im going to guess, it is a part of her. Which I love!


side note: This is probably one of the goofiest pictures of myself, for the simple fact that I look like I was grinning from ear to ear and maybe I was.

Another person that I had the privilege of learning from was Meg Bitton. This woman was probably the first person I picked as soon as a ticket was purchased to go to click away. My schedule basically revolved around her class. Meg Bitton is just as amazing in person, as she is on Facebook world. Though, she gets a lot of heat from “haters” I truly will never understand because if anyone is honest and real, it’s her. She will tell you over and over again that she is like any one of you, and that anyone is capable of doing what she does with a photograph. But people, the way she captures her clients emotion.. The way she photographs. It’s just so incredible. I was in Awe watching her. Literally, in awe. She is so open, and when you learn more about the type of photographer she is, where she gets her inspiration from and why. You will fall in love as well. When I get the opportunity to learn from her in a more in depth, workshop setting. I will absolutely jump at that chance.


(please excuse the horrid cellphone pictures, Ironically I didn’t use my camera as much as I thought I would)

The third speaker whom I adore was of course Candice, from the Blissful Maven. She was also sick, but didn’t let that hold her back. I swear, If I was even remotely sick I would have been hiding in my room screaming leave me alone I don’t wanna. But they rocked it. Candice shoots for herself. I seriously love that mentality because when you have it, you shoot your soul in photographic form. If that makes sense? I don’t know, nor do I care.. Because if I learned anything it’s that photography, is something that not only supports myself and my baby boy, but also supports any form of creativity that I ensue. It is what feeds my soul, my heart. It is what consumes the rest of me after Baylen (my son, in case you didn’t know) Photography is my outlet, and sometimes I get so carried away in photographing for everyone else, I forget why I am doing it. Why I photograph.I didn’t get a selfie with Candice because our time ran over and I had to literally sprint to my next talk. However, what I gained was so much more. Candice, you literally rock my socks off!

After a ton of classes, talks, snack breaks ext. We got to go on a Golden Hour session to Misson San Jose. with Lauren Mitchell.

Here are a few photos from that, some cell phone, some real camera shots. Also, side note: I got to rent the Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART and I loved it, maybe not as much as I would have loved the 35, however. She was a beauty and I’d totally snag one up if I could.

edit1 edit2 edit9 edit10crystal1 crystal2 roomates

I met some amazing women. Jessica was our roommate (Crystal and I traveled from Austin to San Antonio together) We completely went out on a limb, asked if anyone wanted to adopt us as roommates and Jessica was the brave one. Seriously, she is awesome. I only hope we can make it a tradition to meet up at click away and share our photography journey with each other.

last but certainly not least. The gala. The one night that I actually dressed up. Despite feeling frumpy in my dress because lets face it, I’m a woman. ladies

these ladies made the night fabulous. Talking life, photography and everything in between. Myself, Jessica & Vannah talked after all of the other ladies called it a night until WAY TOO LATE, but it was wonderful. We encouraged each other, we spoke our hearts, we planned. These ladies made my first click away experience one I’ll never forget and one I hope to do over again and again.

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