Grace+Haven | Austin, TX family photographer

Grace + Haven 

Grace was my first official session in Austin Texas. It’s so crazy to me that I am embarking on yet another adventure in my photography business. One I hope takes me to immeasurable places.

Grace is a single mommy and she is amazing at it. Her sweet Haven has the best personality. You can tell that her home is filled with so much love. Haven laughs when she starts to trip or fall. It was seriously the best thing ever. We walked down to this creek I found thanks to a dear friend and the walk there was a bumpy one but she insisted that she walk. Once we got to the creek Haven really wanted nothing to do with us, mostly me. Thats okay though, most kids her age aren’t interested in pictures but more interested in the exploring aspect of the photo shoot. I tend to gravitate towards the candid shots anyways, which is perfect for the “explorer” in children. One thing you’ll notice in my photos is that none are extremely posed and most of the ones I post (which are always my favorites) are ones that are completely untraditional, unposed and so so candid.. Sure, I want to ensure you get pictures of your family, your child, or your spouse smiling at the camera, at the same time you are, but I also want to make sure I capture life as it is. The most beautiful things in life aren’t at how perfect you can appear to be, but how imperfectly perfect YOU are, in all seasons of life.

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