A tragic accident.

Many of my fans who have followed my photography page may remember me talking about my friend Moriah from time to time. Moriah struggled with infertility for the longest time so when she became pregnant with her daughter Hannah, she was beside herself. Moriah was high risk because of her problems getting pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy. Once she entered her second trimester for some reason, the drs felt like she was sustaining a strong enough pregnancy that she no longer needed to be high risk. Unfortunately at 20 weeks gestation she felt no fetal movement, and could not pick up a heart beat with her heart monitor she purchased. She went in thinking maybe Hannah was just hiding from the heart monitor (she did that sometimes) but unfortunately Hannah had passed away. The days, weeks & months following that horrible experience was not easy on Moriah, but she showed a incredible amount of strength and pushed through. On Hannah’s first birthday, I went with Moriah and her husband Trevor to photograph her paper lantern private ceremony. We let Chinese paper lanterns go in her name, Moriah spread rose pedals on the beach and let the waves wash them away. It was beautiful and I remember that day like it was yesterday. Moriah became pregnant a few times after loosing Hannah and unfortunately lost those babies also. Then, her rainbow baby happened. Moriah and Trevor became pregnant again after completely giving up and focusing on themselves. Moriah enrolled in college, she began running and loosing baby weight that accumulated and she never got rid of because of the circumstances and she was doing amazing. She didn’t even realize that she was pregnant until one day, she realized it had been a little bit since her last monthly cycle. Moriah immediately called her specialist and told him, and she drove to his office that day and got a pregnancy test. She tested positive & had a ultra sound. Her levels were triple what they EVER were with Hannah and any past pregnancies. She had to take hormone shots with Hannah, thats how low her levels were. Her pregnancy was kind of grueling. After much testing on why she lost Hannah, they had to put her on blood thinners during her pregnancy with Hailey + hormone shots in her stomach every day. She would have to get induced or time when she stopped taking her blood thinners perfect enough to make sure that when she had Hailey, she didn’t bleed out. I was there the moment she brought gorgeous Hailey into this world. I am so incredibly honored that she allowed me to be there for the good and the bad moments of her life. Watching her birth such a incredible miracle had me in tears. The feeling was indescribable. There was some concern when she delivered Hailey, and when Hailey made her arrival there was no need for the tons of drs squished into that tiny delivery room. Hailey was perfect, healthy & just as gorgeous as can be.

I wish this blog post had a happy ending but unfortunately Hailey passed away due to a tragic accident just days after she celebrated her first birthday. This is all really new, and really shocking. I have no words, I am completely shocked that such a horrific thing happened to sweet Hailey. I couldn’t sleep last night after finding out. I just tossed and turned in bed, looking through pictures of Hailey. Please, if you pray. Pray that the Lord wraps his arms around Moriah and Trevor. Around all of her family and friends who are truly feeling the wrath of this horrible news and pray that everyone around her finds the strength to help her pull through. No parent should ever have to face the loss of their child. Moriah has been through so much and she kept prevailing, lets pray that she will prevail in these circumstances. This is a incredibly difficult time for everyone involved and I so greatly appreciate your prayers.
If you are interest in helping out, please consider donating to this fund that was set up for Moriah to help with flying family out here for support as all of her family lives in California and tickets are upwards of $1100.00 & to help with burial costs and funeral arrangements. here { http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/memorial-support-fund-in-honor-of-baby-hailey-grace/169638 } is her fund me page.

Here are some pictures of Hailey from birth & her newborn session.






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