Parker is 1 | Jacksonville, NC children photographer

Hi there!
Sweet Parker has been coming to me for pictures since he was three months old. He has always been such a ham. Chelsey (his mom) is absolutely, hands down one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Being able to connect with clients is such a important aspect of photographing them. I am so glad that Chelsey has felt comfortable enough to come back to me, time after time. Parker just turned one & he was pretty excited about it. I mean, not that he actually told me but I am just going to go ahead and assume he is happy about turning one. He of course, was a ham at his session as usual. It makes me feel even better that when I got close to photograph him, he put his arms up because he wanted me to pick him up. Have I mentioned how much I love kids? I think when I tell my friends that & when I offer to babysit their children (whether it’s 1 child or 3) They kind of brush it off like “trust me, you don’t like kids enough to have more than one in your care” but I DO, I really DO! Having more children around inspire me to be even more crafty. They inspire me to figure out some sort of fun activity to involve everyone in doing. Anyways, I got off topic. I try and really connect with my little clients, because after all most families are purely booking sessions to capture THEM, and mom & dad in the photos is most certainly a plus. Parker liked me, and I’m sticking to it. Take a look into his adorableness. I got some with Mommy as well & her smile will make you smile, I promise!

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