[Special!] – Jacksonville, NC – family photographer

How many moms are too busy taking photos and not actually in them?

My sons birthday party, I found myself taking all of the photos. I was so caught up taking them and making sure I captured the day that I never once realized I wasn’t in any single photo. This didn’t occur to me until the party was wrapped up and everyone was gone. I reflected on the day and immediately sunk into my seat. Every year we make a book from my sons birthday party & add in a few of his Birthday pictures I take myself. The last two years we’ve had family or friends visiting from out of town so they’ve taken the seat to capture everything photo wise. While they are no photographer, they used my camera (on auto, ekk) and I was able to be in photos with my son and husband. On the back cover there is always a family picture with a little note for my son from myself & my husband. When I realized that not only was I not in ANY pictures of him blowing out his candles, opening presents ext. But I also forgot to ask someone to take a family picture of us I was devastated. He was going to have a book of his party where there is no evidence that I was there. We literally asked my neighbor to swing by the next day and snap a picture of us. Luckily I had kept the table up with the decor still on it. I wound up photoshopping the picture I took of just the table with the cake and food on it & put us in front of it like it was taken the day before. I am not in love with the picture, I was rushed, this was the day after his party, we threw on the clothes we wore at his party which needed a good wash JUST to make it look like it was taken the day of his party. I have ONE picture from my sons birthday party where I am in it.

Anyways, my point in this whole post is. We need to remember to be IN the photos. We get so caught up with making sure we capture every milestone, we forget that we are HUGE parts of their life. Years from now they will WANT to see pictures of their parents. Regardless of what we look like, how we feel about ourselves, whether we just had a baby. They will not see our flaws, only their beautiful mother who gave them life, fed them, cared for them, comforted them, ext. So here’s my theory. Book a mommy & me mini session. If you stay at home with your kiddo all week, what’s your excuse to get in front of the camera? Don’t make one, just do it. Get in photos with your children. THOSE will be the ones they cherish the most. Life is too short to let it pass us by, capture every moment, I promise you will NOT regret it.

The only regret I have is NOT getting photos. That is my mommy heart speaking.

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