Hello everyone!

It’s been crazy, crazy, crazy the last several months.
Adjusting to my husband being home, enjoying time with him of course right at the Holidays, plus my sons birthday & me getting hit with sickness after sickness I’ve been fairly quiet. Here of course, and on Facebook. It’s also been pretty slow with shooting, not that I really am complaining too much since It’s nice to have a little bit of unwinding time after the holiday rush for photographers. I anticipate it getting slow, and I didn’t really TRY to put too much on my schedule as I was just really enjoying my down time.

I am itching to be creative though, and ready to be behind a camera & come back full swing. It’s getting nicer out. In moderation of course. Cannot have a 60 degree day without a 26 degree day to quickly follow right? It’s MARCH though, and that only means spring is fast approaching. Rainy days, sunlight, warm weather with short sleeves & dresses.. I’m in dream land clearly.
I’ve had this crazy idea brewing for quite some time and I am so ready to make it come to life & show you all the creative juices just flowing in my body. You’ll have to wait for any kind of hint or photos though. Gotta keep you intrigued right?

Also, any mama’s completely down with some outdoor newborn shots? If you book a shoot with me, I just MAY add in a free 20 minute, outdoor photo op that is added to the studio time I offer with my newbie sessions. The reason I say 20 minutes is because lets face it.. In the warm weather 2-4 hours is just not realistic with a newborn session.

Anywho, a few things are going to change, I may rebrand myself.. May work on my website more, may offer a few other “packages” aside from my normal “anytime session” & “newbie session + maternity” .. I just want to continue to grow my business and be the one people idolize. I have BIG dreams & I fully intend on making those dreams become reality.
Thanks for letting me ramble. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up too.











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