Tis’ the Season.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & enjoyed the little things in life vs. all of the materialistic part of Christmas. Though, those fancy new shoes & shiny jewelry is ALWAYS nice. I personally enjoy the giving aspect & I find myself not doing it enough. We kept it fairly simple with my son this Christmas. After last year, when Mommy went a little over board with gifts after my extremely busy fall/Christmas season photography wise. I was a bit beside myself that I could actually purchase about 95% of the gifts for everyone by myself. I am a stay at home mom and my photography income usually funds my photography. I invest the money I make right back into my business. Last year between normal sessions, newborn sessions, Holiday sessions & a wedding I shot (which I don’t do very often) I was able to provide for my family in a way that my husband has done for years. Anyways, enough of that..

Now what’s next? New Years and its promises to change things and keep up with others.. than most of those failing. Last year a few of my “new years resolutions” was to A. Print more images instead of keeping them on my hard drive/external & B. to blog more well I only half way made those come to reality. I printed more.. That’s not to say that those prints are actually hanging. I never did say that I would print AND hang them did I? .. I have prints from my own family sessions hanging out on my dresser currently after being moved from my Office in hopes that by seeing it, I will remember to get frames & hang it.. That was a fail again. Who is bad about printing their photos? You know whats bad? You pay all of this hard-earned money to photograph such special times in your lives and you leave them on your computer or Social media. While that’s great, it’s not showing its true value. Which is to be displayed beautifully on your walls inside your homes.

My goals are not starting on the day that Society has prolonged actually starting a goal until. It’s starting today.
I have actually written down business goals for myself and I will be checking them off or keeping them on sticky notes as daily reminders. I will blog more, but not only just images that I take. I want to connect with my clients and fans more than I do. I want to share a little of myself with you all. I realize that the photographers I aspire to be like have thousands upon thousands of followers not only because they have incredible work but because they are so raw, so open and so honest & people appreciate that. However, some don’t but they don’t even matter to these photographers because they are simply keeping true to themselves and not putting up this phony persona that they are this perfect business owner and not even slightly human. I think as clients we need to be reminded that photographers DO have lives, they are normal human beings just like you and I. (I am clearly speaking from a client standpoint because I do get family pictures myself). What some people don’t understand is that this business is my baby. Much like my son and my husband. Laura Thornhill Photography is my child. I care so deeply about it, it’s reputation, my clients, the outcome of every session. I want to connect with you all so you feel comfortable enough to come back to me for a second or third session. I photograph so many people & after they get their images I hear no feedback from them. I WANT to know if you love your images, I WANT to know if you were unhappy. What I think you don’t realize is that, IF it’s something I can fix, I will do my best in fixing it.

I hope you all stick around for the new year. I have so many improvements I am making to my over all business / customer service. I will continue to grow in talent, learn new tricks of the trade & Hopefully train under the best in the industry ( or at least purchase their online workshop & hope that one day I can get into an actual workshop when they aren’t sold out! )

Happy “ALMOST” New Year!
Feel free to leave comments with suggestions on what you’d like to see šŸ™‚

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