Jacksonville NC| Kingsland GA| Newborn photographer.

Let me just start off by saying when I said I wanted to specialize in newborn photography, Never did I imagine my newborn photographing career would jump off to such an amazing start. I love how challenging a newborn session is, I Love dealing with babies, and seeing the love new parents have for their amazing blessings. I do shoot multiple different sessions and I love every one of them but newborn’s is certainly where my heart is.. Actually anything dealing with a baby has my heart. Maternity, Labor, Newborns, Family ext. I learn more from each session and I see things that I could fix every newborn shoot I do. I am going to fill this post with only newborns and then I will update with every other session I have done. Remember, if you are pregnant now is the time to book your newborn session. Not sure what your booking date will be? It’s your due date! Once you have the baby you will then contact me for further booking. Keep in mind that the prime time to do newborn sessions are up too 14 days after birth but the BEST time to have your session is around 5 days after birth if the baby is due on or around due date & 7 days if Baby is born before the due date. After the 14 days your baby becomes more alert, baby acne then starts, and your baby is not curled up as much which makes posing a bit difficult. We WANT your baby to be asleep. Of course what mom doesn’t want pictures of your child with their eyes wide open & alert? This poses a problem because their vision is not yet matured so when the baby is awake and alert we get a lot of the crossed eyes & no focus on the camera this is not something we die to see of our precious babies. Sorry for the long post, I hope I explained why we want sleepy babies at your newborn session 🙂

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