Phew! Hello again.

Well hello there everyone!

Some how, some way my domain was cancelled & I have no clue because it was *supposed* to be automatically re-registered. So here I am, I have been trying to figure this mess out for weeks now, but only really focusing on it for two days.. I had to have the staff go in and delete it so I can register a whole new domain, Luckily keeping my original name! So there you have it, is back & at it. This time, I will make a conscious effort in posting & updating my blog daily or weekly, whichever I have time for. I have let alot of tentative clients slip away by my lack of posting on here. So if you have visited my website in hopes to book me for your special moments & I have not responded to you. I am deeply sorry, and I kick myself in the rear end EVERY TIME, I miss the opportunity to capture something special. I hope to find you all doing well. I also hope that you enjoy where my business is taking me & hope you stick along for the ride. I will be focusing on building my buisness into something BIG, will you help me along the way? Share my website, share my facebook page & spread the word. I am so passionate about what I do, and I will go to any measure to make sure I am fulfilling my dream to be the best photographer I can be!

Check out my facebook for current deals, previews & such. There you will see your previews before I ever blog them!

Thanks again, for sticking around!

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