… A love that never dies

I felt this picture deserved it’s very own blog post. Ashleigh is a widow of a Hero who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice over a year ago just a few short months after deploying to Afghanistan. He left behind his wife, Ashleigh & their son Colten.

In this picture, the tattoo on her wrist 143 is what they ended every letter with, I love you. The tattoo specifically was from the very last letter she got from him before he gave his life.. & the picture of him is one of her favorite pictures she has of him, not like its possible to have a favorite or anything.

Ashleigh is such a strong woman. I’ve watched her grow over the last few months & have followed her through her journey as she has adapted & overcome. She has constantly reminded Colten of Cody, and its so heartwarming to see how much she loved him & how much she is keeping him apart of their lives even after life itself. Please always remember the Hero’s that give their life on a daily basis, but not only them. Remember the families that also pay these ultimate sacrifices, Lord knows it’s not easy losing the one you love!       

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