This is what “everyday life” really looks like.

I am embarking on a photo journey called “This is what _____ looks like” . Basicaly every month you fill in the blank and submitt a seires of photos that fit your months “topic”. This month I chose ” everyday life” . As a mom & a wife I felt it fitting. I want to let you in on my everday life outside of being a photographer. If you ever wonder why your cd takes so long it’s these reasons. I am a mom, a wife and amoung that I am a photographer trying to stay sain in the chaotic life I live. Hope you enjoy my phot journey & it inspires you to challenge yourself also 🙂

we went to eat after snapping a few pictures. All snuggled up in Five Guys!me and my husband had a sweet tooth to make donuts out of biscuits. My poor little guy slept 14 hours last night. I woke him up only to learn he had a fever of 102.2. He has been sleepy and cuddely all day.

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